Make me choose :
Loki Laufeyson or The Winter Soldier ?

You know whats great about these gifs? They show similar situations,but Bucky and Loki are polar opposites in their choices. 

Loki does what he wants of his own free will, Bucky does not. Bucky takes orders,Loki has no orders. He may have been in Thanos’s hands, but Thanos manipulated the feelings he already had. And Loki is manipulative in his own way,imagine the damage he could do. He already manipulated the Avengers and had Hulk destroy the helicarrier through use of the Chitauri Scepter,if he was allowed to keep on it could mean trouble. But being a manipulator also means he knew Thanos’s plan,he played his part-but he most likely would end up betraying him,taking the Tesseract for himself etc.  There was a scene that was planned,but didn’t make the cut,I can’t find the video (It was a sketch board scene thing animated planning scenes) but it showed Thanos betraying Loki first. It isn’t canon, but it happened.But it works,because in the game of power you can not trust a single person. Sometimes not even yourself. 

 Bucky was manipulated by erasing his real feelings to leave him a hollow shell of a man who only knows one thing-KILL. He is the manipulated, he shows the damage that can be done by people like Loki and Thanos. He is like a frightened child,doing as told in hopes he wont be hurt again. Remember how scared he looked when they said to wipe him clean again? He didn’t put up a fight because he is a broken man. His eyes showed a broken and frightened child in the hands of manipulative bastards. 

Loki is muzzled to keep him from speaking because his words can be dangerous. With use of manipulative tactics that he knows too well, he can get his way. He can make others do what he wants when he isn’t silenced. (Except for respecting him. Because he tends to play pranks to strike fear in those who show him no respect-example the deleted Thor Scene where he and Thor are speaking and the servant-a mere peasant that brings wine, laughs at him alongside Thor.) 

Bucky is silenced because he is dangerous. Too many questions could ruin everything Hydra has done. He could go rogue if he knew the truth, he could turn against them and that just wont do.  A silenced puppet is a good puppet. Do as told and you’ll be fine, question those who control you and you will pay. 

Both are faced with a choice. Both Steve and Thor try to reason with their old friends and brothers,they try to bring them back to who they once were. Each chooses a different path. 
Loki chooses the path of ‘evil’ and Bucky,though it takes some thought process, eventually chooses a separate path than that which he’s been told to follow. He saves Steve, where Loki stabbed Thor. Bucky may not know the reasoning, but he has to save Steve. Loki knows what he is doing, and refuses to let Thor save him from what he’s become. 

It was his real hair in this movie and I love it.


Hiddles movies meme:

Loki → The Avengers ( 2012 )

You know full well it was your actions that brought you here.

i didn’t do it for him.



I can see a pattern…

That is exactly how he belongs.



When Kurse is breaking out all of the other prisoners to wreak havoc during the attack on Asgard, he comes and he sizes up Loki. And even Kurse realizes, ‘I’m not gonna let this guy out. This guy’s trouble’. And as Kurse starts to walk away, Loki shows that he is trouble.
A Brother’s Journey: Thor & Loki Commentary


"And now you see me, brother"